EPSI | European Platform for Sport Innovation


EPSI is a membership-based networking organisation within Europe that focuses on innovation in the areas of physical activity related to sport, leisure and health. EPSI strives for a more innovation-friendly environment for the EU sports industry, in order to stimulate technological innovation and to set up businesses with a focus on innovative technology. EPSI has embraced a cross-sectoral approach, which covers many fields such as the health, economic, ICT, social, transport, tourism and cultural dimensions of sport, with a growing number of partners, including universities, research institutes, clusters, industries and any type of other organisations that operate in the field of sport innovation.

EPSI is directly linked to the industrial needs and agenda. It is supported by several national sports and innovation networks. Each of these networks holds direct relations to the sport sector. ESPSI aims to make Europe accelerate innovation in sport. This becomes “real” through:
– trends settings;
– innovation workshops and competitions;
– strategic announcements;
– key facts and figures;
– strategic partnerships;
– forefront of European Networks.


  • It is in charge of communication, dissemination and networking. EPSI is well equipped to deliver communication activities because it contains the required stakeholders this project is trying to reach out to / bridge together.

More info: www.epsi.eu