Implementation Actions

Recovery of post-consumer ski boots and sorting to turn them into secondary raw materials that will be characterized in comparison to virgin ones | Starting on 01/09/2020 100%
Design for recycling | Starting on 01/02/2021 100%
Production process optimization and component manufacturing with secondary raw materials| Starting on 01/02/2021 100%
Ski boot assembly, characterization and testing| Starting on 01/04/2022 100%
Replication and business planning| Starting on 01/08/2022 100%

Monitoring of the impact of the project actions

Evaluation and monitoring of environmental and circularity impacts and benefits | Starting on 01/09/2020 100%
Monitoring using Life Programme Webtool | Starting on 01/09/2020 100%

Public awareness and dissemination of results

Dissemination and Communication | Starting on 01/09/2020 100%

Project management

Project management | Starting on 01/09/2020 100%