Rent&Go Italia


In 1996, Erwin Stricker, Kurt Ladstätter and Gerhard Königsrainer – three world renowned ski athletes bound together by a deep friendship, great passion for the mountains, and their common South Tyrolean origins – started a company that would become a game changer in the sports equipment rental market, especially winter sports.
Previously considered synonymous with shoddy materials for non-expert and casual skiers, the ski rental concept was transformed by these “Three Musketeers of skiing” into a top class rental service adapted to all types of skiers – from beginners to the most passionate and skilled – by investing primarily in quality and safety. They were able to combine a top class offer—only the best equipment by leading brands in the industry, personally tested and updated each year—with the convenience of a rental service with reasonable prices; becoming pioneers in the area of security, a decade ahead of the others in terms of practices that now seem obvious and laws that are now in place. Today, almost twenty years since the birth of the chain, Rent&Go is the premier ski-hire Group in Italy, with 70 stores located in the most acclaimed ski resorts in our country. Rent&Go provides a complete and customized service, with the passion that only someone who lives and breathes skiing can provide.
Today the numbers of the group are:
– More than 320.000 skiers every year
– More than 70 ski rentals close to slopes in Italy
– 30.000 skis available for rent
– 5.000 snowboards available for rent


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