26 February 2024

The final monitoring visit of the LIFE RESKIBOOT project held at Dalbello’s premises in Asolo has marked a significant milestone in the pursuit of sustainable skiing practices. The event provided a platform to showcase the project’s achievements and innovations, bringing together key stakeholders and experts in the field.

Stefano Prosdocimo, representing Dalbello, commenced the event with a comprehensive overview of the LIFE RESKIBOOT project. His insights set the stage for a day filled with discussions on innovation and sustainability in winter sports.

Geraldine Nee, the esteemed project/policy advisor, graced the occasion with her presence, offering valuable insights and perspectives on the project’s objectives and outcomes. Her contributions added depth to the discussions and highlighted the importance of sustainability in shaping the future of skiing.

David Gambuli, from Plasticsort, captivated the audience with a presentation on Action B1, focusing on the recovery of post-consumer ski boots and their transformation into secondary raw materials. This step is crucial in promoting a circular economy and reducing waste in the skiing industry.

Giuseppe La Fauci, representing UNIBO, shed light on Action B2, delving into the intricate process of designing ski boots for recycling. His presentation emphasized the project’s commitment to sustainability at every stage of production.

Stefano Prosdocimo, returning to the stage, elaborated on Actions B3 and B4, emphasizing the optimization of production processes and component manufacturing with secondary raw materials. His insights highlighted the project’s dedication to delivering high-quality, sustainable ski gear.

The final monitoring visit served as a testament to the collaborative efforts of all project partners and stakeholders. It showcased the strides made by the LIFE RESKIBOOT project in promoting eco-friendly skiing practices and laying the foundation for a greener future on the slopes.

As the project concludes, we remain committed to advancing sustainability in winter sports and look forward to the continued impact of LIFE RESKIBOOT’s initiatives.