24 Februray 2023

The 3rd Review Meeting of the European Funded Project LIFE Reskiboot took place on Thursday, February 16th, 2023, in Sofia (Bulgaria) and the project leaders reported significant progress in their efforts to recycle ski boots, which have been identified as a major environmental problem.

Ski boots are made up of a significant amount of hard and soft plastics that are not easily recyclable, leading to millions of boots ending up in landfills each year. LIFE Reskiboot is a European Union-funded project that aims to address this issue by developing new recycling technologies for ski boots.

The project has been running for two and half years, and during the review meeting, the project leaders presented the results of their efforts and received appreciation from the monitoring committee.

LIFE Reskiboot is expected to last for another year and we will share with you all the results and the latest developments along the way.