20 September 2023

On Thursday of September 14, 2023, an exceptional milestone unfolded as the mid-term sectorial workshop of the prestigious LIFE RESKIBOOT project graced the splendid halls of the 77th International Fair in Plovdiv.

With an air of anticipation, partners from far and wide converged to partake in this momentous occasion, as the essence of the project’s vision, mission and first result was unveiled.

The agenda commenced with a captivating introduction to the project’s multifaceted activities and lofty objectives, setting the stage for a day filled with enlightenment and discovery.

As the day unfolded, the diligent partners shared not only their dedicated efforts but also the remarkable results achieved thus far. A sense of collective achievement permeated the atmosphere, as participants both physically present and virtually connected marvelled at the progress made.

The most important moment of the event was the unveiling of the very first prototype ski boot, a true embodiment of sustainability and innovation. Crafted from recycled materials, sourced and processed within the transformative confines of LIFE RESKIBOOT, it symbolized a leap towards a greener and more sustainable future in the world of skiing.